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A Scorpio's tale...

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

What does this Scorpio season mean?

Well before I go into what THIS particular Scorpio season means for me, do you know what it means for you? Do you even know what it normally means? Well you need to!

For those of you who haven’t yet lived enough to understand the depth of a Scorpio (I’m playing - before the non’s start getting mad at me), from a superficial standpoint our season means: all the sexy people of the world getting turnt for their birthday.

That's Scorpio season on the horizon Simba - they're about to turn up

As true as that may be, people underestimate the seriousness of the sun moving into Scorpio on the 23rd October. Even I did - but I can’t help but to pay attention to the intensity of my Scorpio-isms this time around. Could it be because I’m approaching a milestone birthday? Could it be because this year I’ve been forced to recognise the femme fatale that I actually am and decided that from this point I’m gonna own it?

Rather than rambling on about the pending milestone birthday, I decided to delve deeper into what Scorpio season is really about.

Every sign in the zodiac has a season, but the mere mention of Scorpio season is commonly followed by a gasp-like sound.

Scorpio tends to be extreme in everything they do
Gasp at that...

Scorpios are often referred to as one of the most intense and emotional of the zodiac signs, and when the sun moved into the Scorpio zone (as I call it) a couple of weeks ago, said energy became even more intense.

Then throw in a bunch of already feared, passionate, hated (yep, haters gon’ hate), ‘no holds barred’ kinda people in the mix, and what Scorpio season REALLY means is all non-Scorpios need to be VERY AWARE of how they interact with these delicate/not so delicate [delete depending on the side of the bed they woke up on that morning] creatures.

Meme about the depth and strength of the Scorpio gaze and eye contact
Don't stare the beasts in the eye...

Things to expect

  • Deeper intensity and passion in a species of people who are already insanely intense and passionate (whether it’s feelings of love or hate, they will be felt with more passion than usual)

  • Scorpios are ’all or nothing’ people, which will be intensified during this time of heightened emotions - cue the ultamatums...

  • Scorpios looking to find the deeper meaning in everything. Absolutely EVERYTHING

  • Heightened sensitivity + an incredible time in bed together = catching feelings; it is pretty much guaranteed so if you don’t want to fall into Scorpio’s trap, avoid avoid avoid certain activities during this time (did I mention that you should avoid)?

  • Being motivated by your emotions (over logic) now more than ever before - whether deep or shallow

  • Everything will be taken personally - and I mean EVERYTHING

  • These enigmatic creatures feel so much all of the time. Don’t be surprised when emotions bubble up now

  • If you're sensitive, don't ask for their opinion or advice. You'll get the naked, brutal truth. They’re not bakers - they don’t sugarcoat

  • Scorpio never forgets a gift or a kindness, a ‘mishap’ or an injustice - both get richly rewarded in kind

  • Scorpios love hard - very hard. But they also play it cool with matters of the heart. During this time they will love harder than ever yet play it cooler than an icebox in Antarctica

This list could be much longer, but Scorpiology (if there is such a thing) is huge, so it’s being saved for another post (yep I keep doing that).

Just be careful how you interact with our kind between 23rd October-21st November - no matter how much love we have for you, we’re liable to eat your head off like a female Praying Mantis does to their mate. Real talk.

Scorpios will always appear to have a tough surface
As I said, we play it cool with matters of the heart. Image credit:

Things to take note of (and not lightly):

  • Scorpios are not one to play games with on a normal day, so avoid game-playing at all costs right about now - you will lose

  • Although Scorpio is regularly accused of being the most sexual sign, they are actually the sign that strives for a deep, meaningful bond

  • By the end of November, an element of Scorpio’s personality, relationship, or surroundings will be permanently changed - they will confidently move forward without ever looking back; make sure you’re not on the wrong side of this movement

  • Scorpios have a reputation for being all about sex, power, and getting even - remember: justice is great but Scorpios prefer revenge

  • Most people feel nervous and uneasy under Scorpio's steady gaze - Scorpio eyes penetrate your soul. To. The. Core

  • Scorpios tend to be very successful and driven. If you are anything less during this time, they will not have time for you. Point blank period

  • And in the words of Linda Goodman, “I wouldn't advise you to insult a Scorpio. It's just not healthy” - just throwing that in for good measure

A Scorpio says things with their eyes that you can't put into words
“Scorpio eyes bore deeply into you, mercilessly, as if they’re penetrating your very soul” - Linda Goodman in her 1968 bestseller “Sun Signs”

If this isn’t enough to make you act right around Scorpios during this time, then nothing will. But please remember Scorpio season can be considered as a time of regeneration where a part of Scorpios dissolves and is reborn, forming a better version of themselves. This is commonly referred to as a Phoenix rising from the ashes (yawn). I would rather liken it to a venomous caterpillar’s development into a beautiful butterfly with refined venomous attributes.

For the very few who can actually handle us scorpios, this is great. However, it screams danger for those who can’t. This is the sign’s moment in the sun, and the empowerment that they feel from within during this time is not to be taken lightly.

Meme: Never do anything like a Scorpio, unless you wanna ruin your life
Here's a negative trait for you...

Most importantly, this Scorpio season is amazing for me as I will enter it in my 30s, and will be 40 upon its exit. So this Scorpio / butterfly / phoenix / person to be avoided like the plague will be shedding 4 decades as ‘life begins’ - so they say.

As the saying goes “black don’t crack” so I’m not really fussed about it. I’m entering the scene as a mature model, being sure to remember my birth-date attributes:

  • The day of the boss

  • Strengths: authoritative, effective, understanding

  • Weaknesses: self involved, unsettled, isolated

  • Positive traits: overcoming catastrophe, confronting challenges - scouts, bare these things in mind when running your model search!

Scorpio expectations vs. reality
Don't let the tough exterior fool you all the way. Photo credit: @scorpio_vibesss

(I swear to you - the source didn’t list any negative traits, and I know I have many).

Linda Goodman (New York Times bestselling American astrologer and poet) recommends that you learn how to recognize a Scorpio if you’re seeking a really superior human being. That pretty much works for me as I’m looking to emerge from my cocoon that is this Scorpio season as a truly superior being.

Fun fact: I’ve likened myself to a butterfly, but I’m actually scared of them!

Great blue butterfly among the stars
Image credit:

For me, 40 is going to be the new 30: I will continue to live hard, love hard, work hard on my goals and welcome new challenges. Life will begin at 40 as I have lived enough to know who I am and have enough time ahead of me to further refine who I am.

My mission: when asked what my 5th decade brought for me, I’ll be able to say that I left self doubt on the other side of the scorpio season, and followed and achieved my goal of becoming a mature model, representing the black model market, hitting my powerlifting targets, getting back on the BJJ mats, becoming an exceptional trader and never putting out my entreprenrurial fire.

Every time a woman turns 40 a cougar is born

So...what does this scorpio season mean? It means: don’t mess with me, success, changes, an ever growing model portfolio, badass powerlifting and martial arts development, and less people trying to hold my gaze (after reading this)...aside from the odd person who wants to prove something to themselves.

Sidenote: while reading up for this post I have learnt a few new bits and I will definitley dive deeper into this subject in a later post. In the meantime check out Bianca's Instagram profile (@intuitivegoddess8) to quench your daily spiritual thirst, and to find out what the month holds for your starsign.

A lady dressed in red to represent Scorpios
Picture credit: Anastasia Kosyanova, sourced from Bianca (IG: @intuitivegoddess8)

Thanks for reading guys - I appreciate you. But before I go, you know I’m going to give you a link of some kind. This time, I thought I’d give you a lil’ something to show how the dreaded Scorpio season will affect the other starsigns.

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About the author [that would be me]:

I am a Senior Project Manager by day; by night (aka any other time), you can find me lifting heavy metal things (aka powerlifting), threatening to dust off my belt in the name of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (I will make myself re-worthy of my blue belt), or finding ways to get infront of a camera and labelling it as modelling in some way shape or form.

I put this blog together as an add-on to my modelling portfolio, and it reminded me of how much I love to write. I will continue to write as my model portfolio grows, just so that you can get to know the real me.

Althea James model x


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