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BodyPower...locked down

This short and sweet post was actually supposed to be long and sweeter; an excited post in which I would blab on about the BodyPower Expo

Who am I? Really?

I’m sure you’re already bored of the coronavirus and lockdown conversations - so I’ll spare you all of that and get to the point

2020 Goals Focus - Part 2

January has been assigned as my month to review my previous goals, update my goals, add new goals, and recharge my vision. So here’s the second instalment of serious, goal setting stuff. The big question is: what’s to stop me from keeping it moving and forgetting about my goals until next January? It’s all good setting goals but they’re worthless if they’re not going to be attained. Changing day-to-day behaviours are easier than you may think. By meditating on and regularly e

3 goal setting Tips for 2020

2019 disappeared at a speed that quantum physics may never be able to explain. Thank goodness I had goals to achieve...maybe… I say maybe because I initially had too many goals. Long story short, I had to change my approach and reduce them into less daunting bite sized chunks, or risk getting nowhere. I mean if I told you to eat a whole cow right here right now, you’d probably laugh at me. However, if I told you to eat a cut of the cow progressively over a period of time, a

The 5 (debatable) facts of christmas

It’s that time of year again - you know that time when a quick “pop out to the supermarket for an item” is non-existent because queues are backed up through the aisles to the back walls. When best dressed streetlights have nighttime looking pretty. When aeroplanes damn near land in people's front gardens due to their excessive (in my opinion) lights. When people continuously feign shock* at the fact that I don’t actually like turkey. *I pray that their shock is feigned coz it

It’s that YunoJuno time of year again…

I can hear you already: “the what time of year”? Those of us in the creative industry will know exactly what time of year it is - the loyal ones would have campaigned for their respective colleagues.. But for those of you who aren’t in the know, the annual YunoJuno Sweet FA (Freelance Awards) took place two weeks ago. I know - people usually harp on about things in the run up, but being like everyone else is no fun! TRUTH ALERT: ideally I would have published this post earlie

This is what 40 looks like

What happened to “life begins at 40”? I heard that a lot when I was growing up and thought it was absolutely ridiculous...

A Scorpio's tale...

What does this Scorpio season mean? Well before I go into what THIS particular Scorpio season means for me, do you know what it means for you? Do you even know what it normally means? Well you need to! For those of you who haven’t yet lived enough to understand the depth of a Scorpio (I’m playing - before the non’s start getting mad at me), from a superficial standpoint our season means: all the sexy people of the world getting turnt for their birthday. As true as that may be

Does practising BJJ make me a badass?

Yes it does. Post done! OK so being as I’ve got to write something… In my previous post RE: powerlifting, you will have heard me mention my Sensei. When I first mention him, people generally ask “your who”? Then I’ll explain that he’s my martial arts instructor and mentor. Then comes the big one: what is BJJ? followed by sexual insinuations. Every time. So, what is BJJ? BJJ (the abbreviation for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - so get your mind out the gutter) is, in a nutshell, an on-t

A bit of me...

Why have I called this section on my website ‘A bit of me’? Why didn’t I just call it ‘Blog’ like “normal” people would? Welcome to my world

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