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Home sweet lockdown home

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

May is here - sunshine, butterflies (I’m scared of them), distancing...still. Yep - we’re waiting to hear whether social distancing measures will be relaxed.

Let’s say for argument’s sake that social distancing measures do become more relaxed, they’re still going to be there - just relaxed a bit. Will we still be prepared to be in our own company and stay however many metres away from our loved ones when we see them?

We’ll still more than likely be expected to be in our homes more than we were previously accustomed to.

Rexaxing bath with tealight
Spend some chronological currency on yourself

Some of us may have enjoyed our own company and the money that we have saved from the lack of wild nights out. Others may still be trying to get into the isolated state of mind.

Either way, here are 11 (because why would I do 10?) ideas for enjoying your time at home - not to be confused with my last post about using lockdown to do ‘you'.

1. Video lunches / brunches / afternoon tea:

Set a date.

Set a time.

Get your grub.

Jump on a group video call and enjoy your eatings and drinkings with chosen company. I know it’s not the same as being with them but a bit of improv can’t be bad right?

Have a dream candle and pink and white peonies

2. Make money:

I know I mentioned it in my last post but if you want to own your time, consider working on a side hustle. It could be something that starts off as a hobby. I have been focussing on securing new contracts, my modelling portfolio continuing to broaden my horizons, and my laptop lifestyle. Consider how you really want to spend your days, and start spending your time accordingly. Get those ambitious juices flowing, work out how to make money from it, put in the work, enjoy doing it, and it should all fall into place.

3. Learn to meditate:

It’s a stressful time, so I’m guessing that a bit of meditation wouldn’t go amiss.

Not everyone knows how to meditate - I know I’m no meditation pro. But should that serve as a reason to shy away from it?

And woosah.

Man meditating on a round mat

4. Be your own therapist:

During this time, fear of the unknown could have your mind racing. Or just the general stresses of everyday life may have your brainwaves on a Nigel Mansell tip (you may have to be above a certain age to connect with that reference).

Use the opportunity to sit - quietly - with no distraction - and do nothing - at all.

It may feel weird at first but you’ll be surprised and how quickly you may adjust to the calming feeling that ‘nothing’ can bring sometimes.

5. Go to an escape home:

I love escape rooms - they’re a fun way to challenge the brain whilst having a laugh with good company. I tried The Escapist at Modern Fables a while back and fell in love with the escape room concept.

Given the current climate, escape rooms are not currently an option, but Modern Fables are a step ahead - they have brought the experience online with an online adventure called Medogan. What’s more, they understand that everyone has different financial boundaries at the moment so they are asking for donations where they can be given rather than charging a fee for participation. Check Medogan out here.

Therapy is expensive. Get a haircut instead. We're great listeners
Ask IG: @theblowdryartist - she'll endorse this!

6. Get all glammed up and enjoy - having nowhere to go:

I don’t know about you but I’m finding it kinda frustrating looking at my outfits and having nowhere to wear them to.

Why not have a bit of fun - dress up for a date night in. Take photos by the front door as if you’re on the way out. Use the opportunity to try questionable combos that you wouldn’t normally be too sure about, take some snaps and get feedback.

And the added bonus is that having nowhere to actually go means that you won’t need the whole week to recover. Result!

7. Make the best of a bad situation:

So I know this is about enjoying your time at home but I am so proud of my baby cous Rianna aka The Blowdry Artist - she had to get a mention.

Instead of moping around, bored, angry and feeling sorry for herself, she maintained her normal early rising time. Some of her regular clients call her during their regular slot time and they have a chat - a form of mental therapy, which is great during this time when wellness is key.

She also offers 45 minute virtual consultations via Zoom for £25 - just a small display of her adaptability. She is also busying herself by offering virtual lessons, and furthering her qualifications and even getting mentioned in the press (check it out here). Irrespective of the lemons that have been tossed her way, she is making sure that she’s doing the right things for herself and her business. Put that lemonade in your glass and drink it.

Sorry? What are you waiting for?

8. Do the things that you’d be embarrassed to do in front of other people:

Learn that complicated dance move. Or just dance freely in front of the mirror. Naked if you want.

Sing loudly into your hairbrush. Have a full blown debate with yourself - and win.

Pass wind as loudly as you want. Roll around and throw full blown tantrums for nonsense - to be honest many grown ass people do the equivalent anyway.

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about - who's waching? No need to hold back.

9. Become an expert:

Is there a topic/subject/thing that interests you? What’s that thing that grabs your attention but that you’ve never had the time to learn more about.

Pick a topic and become an expert at it. Read it up. Watch videos on it. Learn all that you can about it.

I mean, if there’s ever been a good time for it...

Black and white photo of a kitchen sink

10. Use all this time to your advantage:

Now’s a good time to do the things that you never really have time to do. The things that you don’t want to waste a hard earned weekend on. I know housework isn’t everyone’s idea of fun but you can’t beat that fresh, just cleaned feeling when you’re chilling in your space.

Declutter. Move your furniture around. Do the things that you procrastinate on.

11. Create a care hamper:

Sometimes we deal with our own circumstances by temporarily taking the focus away from them - to re-calibrate. So why not use the re-directed focus to focus on a friend or family member who could do with some TLC right now? Put together a parcel with some of their favourite things to mail to them.

Why not include some wellness themed items - a spa kit, some sleep therapy items, some acupuncture rings...

To conclude...

Given that social distancing measures will still be a thing for the immediate future, aside from praying that Covid-19 will just p*** off, there are things that you can be doing to occupy your time. It may sound harsh but anyone who says that there's nothing to do right now needs to open their eyes and stop being what the Caribbean community would call ‘wotless’. Strong view, I know.

Use the time wisely, to level up or even just to avoid brain numbing boredom. Either way, keep those brain cells active.

Lastly, I know that lockdown isn’t good for my hair - so I’m guessing that many are in the same boat. For those who need a consultation or an appointment for some star treatment (on the other side of lockdown of course), give Rianna a shout - I know I will be.

To book your consultation, or post-lockdown appointment, get in touch with Rianna:

M: 07538 839 577

Random link time...

Today’s random link is simply something that is needed by many during these times - I know I need to master the art of it...check out what I have found to be the most required word right about now.

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About the author [that would be me]:

I am a Senior Project Manager by day; by night (aka any other time), you can find me lifting heavy metal things (aka powerlifting), threatening to dust off my belt in the name of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (I will make myself re-worthy of my blue belt), or finding ways to get in front of a camera and labelling it as modelling in some way shape or form.

I put this blog together as an add-on to my modelling portfolio, and it reminded me of how much I love to write. I will continue to write as my model portfolio grows, just so that you can get to know the real me x


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