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Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Why have I called this section on my website ‘A bit of me’? Why didn’t I just call it ‘Blog’ like “normal” people would?

Well, let me introduce myself. I am Althea James. Friends call me Alfie, Al, Alfs, Allie - I’ve even been called Alpha (no objection there).

I am a grown woman (or so I love to say at my convenience) but a big kid at heart (99.9% of the time).

Althea James pullling a face
My good side...Makeup by @ewelina.skowronek; photo by @Oi_Look

Long story short (because the long is being saved for another post) ever since I was a kid I wanted to be a model. But academic achievements were prioritised, then I got to chasing my career in advertising and never ever ever ever had the time. Then there’s the whole not being tall enough thing (to the point where the “and a half” is important in my height), and not pretty enough, not confident enough, too old now…

Back then maybe some of my self-deprecation was valid. Now however, we’re in a day and age where ‘ordinary people’ are hella famous. I’m ‘ordinary’ with a touch of sass, a dash of greatness and a measure of empress. So there’s no reason why I won’t make it right?

All in all, I decided that the unwritten beliefs of old about entry barriers into modelling is a load of waffly-bollocks and that’s pretty much why this site exists.

Again, why have I called this section on my website ‘A bit of me’? Why didn’t I just call it ‘Blog’ like “normal” people would?

Because although this is my modelling portfolio website, why should I keep it confined to just modelling related things?

You can see my modelling shopfront in the ‘Portfolio‘ section, along with strategically placed photographs of me looking all nice and stuff dotted around.

Makeup by @madebyshek
Makeup by @madebyshek

I could make my blog posts focus on all things modelling, but the people who use my portfolio for its primary purpose know more about it than I do.

I could write about beauty but I’m not a beauty expert either (I know, pretty hard to believe right)!

Why not use it as a platform to just give some insight to all and sundry about who I actually am as a person.

My portfolio will show you what I look like, but does it show you that I love putting my body through the glorious process of lifting heavy iron until I physically can’t lift another kilo.

It doesn’t show you that I enjoy rolling around on a mat with people bigger, heavier and stronger than myself in a bid to tap them out.

80 KG deadlift
Trying hard not to have 'Deadlift face'

I want you to know that I don’t eat anything with melted cheese, I have slight OCD tendencies and I hate it when people cough/sneeze/yawn and don’t cover their mouth. Ok well maybe not that deep but you catch my drift.

So, why have I called this section on my website ‘A bit of me’? Why didn’t I just call it ‘Blog’ like “normal” people would?

Because I don’t just want my website to be a shopfront - I want to use it as a platform to give you some insight into who I am, and invite you to join in on some of the various “stuff” that I will be exploring.

Selfie of Althea / a female
Been taking selfies since the days of wind-up cameras...jus sayin...

Thank you for reading my first post - I hope you enjoy following me through my journey as I work on breaking through mental barriers and writing about “stuff”.

Feel free to follow me on Insta:

And as I’m not a fan of melted cheese (if you read the above you'll know this), it simply means that there’s more cheese out there in the world for all you cheese lovers! As if you needed an excuse, here’s 14 facts about cheese that will make you want it even more!

See ya x

About the author [that would be me]:

I am a Senior Project Manager by day; by night (aka any other time), you can find me lifting heavy metal things (aka powerlifting) or threatening to dust off my belt in the name of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (I will make myself re-worthy of my blue belt).

Althea James model x

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Thanks Mark - I appreciate you x


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