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4 Tips for kickass resolutions

Making resolutions is one thing, but keeping them can be a whole different matter. So here are four tips to help you reach your goals, and how to reward yourself for a job well done!

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Turning the calendar over is often used as an excuse to make resolutions for the year ahead. It is also a way to bring about next level frustration for yourself if the goals that you set for yourself are unreachable, unrealistic, or simply things you have no interest in doing. Making resolutions can be done at any time of the year, but as many think about new ones for the upcoming year, here are four tips to help you make resolutions, and keep them.

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I Resolve To…

So, you have made your resolutions. Now, step back and take a look at each one.

Are they resolutions you wanted to make for yourself, or are they resolutions that others have told you to make?

Make sure that each resolution is something you really want to achieve, rather than a half hearted goal that you aren't really interested in reaching - just for the sake of setting a goal.

If your resolution needs to be adjusted, do so. Here are four tips to assist:

1) My Goals Are…

Are your resolutions realistic or are they extending way beyond human reach?

For example, let's say your goal is to lose 60 pounds in the upcoming year. The weight loss resolution is admirable, but have you considered whether you will have the time to exercise regularly? Are you feasibly able to change your eating habits? Can you alter your lifestyle? Is the 60 pound weight loss goal too much, too soon? Would it be better for you to stretch the amount you want to lose to beyond one calendar year?

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2) Consider your health...

When evaluating your resolutions. This applies to both your physical and mental health. Be mindful of how your resolution may impact your friends and family may be a "grinch" to live with over the next year!

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3) I Have Fallen and I Cannot Get Up!

Do you quit at the first sign of failure? If you splurge on “bad” food, do you consider it the end of your diet and resolution? If so, why?

Just dust yourself off and continue. The road to any goal worth achieving is paved with pitfalls and you are bound to fall into them from time to time - just climb back out and keep it moving. Advice nugget: The best advice that I can give here is to find an accountability partner who knows and understands your resolution, and can encourage you to keep it.

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4) Reward Yourself…

At the end of the year, reward yourself in accordance to how well you kept your resolution. If you hit your weight loss goal, don’t overeat! Consider treating yourself to something - as a reward for your good behaviour. If you miss your goals, keep the treat idea open for when you meet your goals. Always remember that some resolutions are ongoing, and can't necessarily be confined to a 365 day calendar.

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Resolutions are supposed to be for your benefit, not your detriment. Your attitude toward a resolution will help you decide whether you should commit to making it a resolution or not.

A resolution that is made that doesn’t possess your enthusiasm will more than likely become an impediment by February and forgotten by April.

Make resolutions that matter to you - that way you stand a chance of keeping them.

Random link time!

It’s crystal clear to see that you really need to focus on yourself when setting your resolutions. As it’s not something that everyone finds easy to do, here are 34 other ways to ‘do you’.

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