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Who am I? Really?

I’m sure you’re already bored of the coronavirus and lockdown conversations - so I’ll spare you all of that and get to the point

3 goal setting Tips for 2020

2019 disappeared at a speed that quantum physics may never be able to explain. Thank goodness I had goals to achieve...maybe… I say maybe because I initially had too many goals. Long story short, I had to change my approach and reduce them into less daunting bite sized chunks, or risk getting nowhere. I mean if I told you to eat a whole cow right here right now, you’d probably laugh at me. However, if I told you to eat a cut of the cow progressively over a period of time, a

The 5 (debatable) facts of christmas

It’s that time of year again - you know that time when a quick “pop out to the supermarket for an item” is non-existent because queues are backed up through the aisles to the back walls. When best dressed streetlights have nighttime looking pretty. When aeroplanes damn near land in people's front gardens due to their excessive (in my opinion) lights. When people continuously feign shock* at the fact that I don’t actually like turkey. *I pray that their shock is feigned coz it

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